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Trademark Registration Application detail

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1. Name of Proprietors / Partners / Directors :

2. Nature of the Application :

The applicant must choose either of the following categories-

Standard trademark here means an application for registration of a trademark not being a Collective or Certification trademark or Series of marks

In case of Collective Mark or Certification Mark the draft regulations with form TM-M must be submitted.

3. Whether application filed as :

Please choose and specify

In case of startup/ Small Enterprise, requisite certificate should be provided.

4. Applicant :

This address should be the address of the applicant's principal place of business in India

Unless otherwise specifically stated, the applicant's address shall be the address for service of the applicant who has principal place of business in India.

The address for service in India must be provided, in case the applicant does not carry business in India

The applicant must choose either of the following categories-

5. Category of mark :

The applicant must choose either of the following categories-

It includes any label, sticker, monogram, logo or any geometrical figure other than word mark

It includes one or more words, letters, numerals or anything written in standard character

When the distinctiveness is claimed in the combination of colours with or without device

It includes shape or packaging of goods

Invalid file format! Please choose only mp3 format file.

6. If mark in a language other than Hindi or English :

Transliteration of the mark in roman script must be provided in case the mark is in a language other than Hindi or English

Translation of the mark in English must be provided in case the mark is in a language other than Hindi or English

7. Description of mark :

(a) Description of mark must be provided in terms of Rule 26.
(b) In case of trademarks submitted in specific combination of colours other than black and white, it shall be presumed that the distinctiveness of the mark is claimed in that combination of colours and application will be considered accordingly.
(c) In case of colour marks the description may be like “The trade mark consists of three vertical stripes in the colours PURPLE, GREEN and YELLOW applied to the fascias of buildings and to doors as shown in the representation of the mark."
(d) In case of sound marks representation of specific musical notes must be submitted at the place provided for the trademark . The applicant is also required to submit sound clipping in MP3]

8. Statement as to use of mark :

(a) The applicant must select either of the above.
(b) The date of use must be given in the format (DD/MM/YYYY) and shall refer to all items mentioned in the application.
(c) In case the use of the Trade Mark is claimed prior to the date ofapplication, the applicant shall file an affidavit testifying to such use along with supporting documents.
(d) The statement as to use of the mark once made shall be final.

9. Priority claim, if any :

Priority claim based on application filed in the Convention Country or organization

The priority must be claimed in respect of all goods and services mentioned in the application

Applicant may provide here any other information or statement in relation to his application

10. Trade Description :

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