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Public Search of Trademarks

Thorough examination of the database of Trademark Register is conducted to check whether the desired name / logo has already been taken or is similar to an already existing trademark. You can also check existing trademarks by clicking on to public search in the drop box under the heading “Ready Information” ‘ on the webpage. This check ensures minimal chances of an objection being raised  Go to search.

Class Search

Goods and Services have been classified by the Trademark Registry as per current edition of the “ the International Classification of goods and services (NICE classification” published by the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO). A thorough examination of the class wise and alphabetical index of such goods and services database published by Trademark Registry is conducted for proper classification of your product/Service in correct class. You can also check class of your Goods/Services by clicking on to Class search  Go to search.

Preparation and Online Filing

Once the requisite Information and Letter authorizing our lawyer, along with Rs.50 Non Judicial stamp paper is received, we shall prepare your application and file it online within 5 working days and shall provide you with the Trade mark/Service mark application number. You can then immediately start using the ™ symbol or sm symbol. You can also check existing trademarks by clicking on Application status in the drop box under the heading “Ready Information” ‘ on the webpage Normally in case no objection is raised by the Government or no opposition by any party is filed by any party within 4 months, the trade mark /Service mark should get registered and certificate of Registration can be obtained from the office of Registrar. During this period, we shall keep you updated regarding the status of your application.
Check your application status.

  • Government Application Fees : To Check requisite applicable Government fees payable click on to fees payable in the drop box under heading “ Ready Information” .

  • Removal of Objections : Additional fees dependent upon the nature of objection is payable.

  • Hearing before Registrar : If the objection has been filed on your trademark and the opposition doesn’t agree with your response, then hearing is held before the registrar. Additional legal fees is payable to take up your case before the registrar.

  • Service Tax and cess as applicable

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